Marine Surveys by Jim's Marine Survey, James Sanborn Sr., SAMS® AMS®, Centerville, Massachusetts, USA Jim's Marine Survey

Centerville, Massachusetts (Cape Cod)
Serving The US East Coast

James Sanborn Sr., SAMS® AMS®,
Principal Marine Surveyor
Cell: 508-737-4420

Fees For Our Services

While survey costs can vary by the type of vessel, it's location, it's age and the material used in construction, the following is a guideline to our fees:
  • Pleasure boats $20.00 per foot $750.00 minimum.

  • Some situations require an hourly rate, time is charged at $125.00 per hour.

  • Plerase fill out he Survey Order Form for a more accurate cost.

Click here for a Survey Order Form. (PDF)

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